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10-Inch Slicing Knife


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Long and thin, this knife is perfect for cutting into meats and fish. An ergonomic handle absorbs pressure and keeps your hands relaxed.

  • Forged, high-carbon, stainless steel blade
  • Professional grade, black phenolic handle
  • Full tang construction

Customer Reviews

4.4 / 5
Based on 4 reviews: 88% customers recommend this item.
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Apr 19, 2015
"The weight and balance are spot on . The only thing that I could think to improve would be a no slip handle."
Jim, verified buyer
very good price
Mar 13, 2017
"I Use Japanese knives certainly more expensive and higher quality, but this surprise me...
Good slicing knife, easy to sharpening and ready to use."
Miki, verified buyer
carving knife
Nov 26, 2016
"did a great job on the thanksgiving turkeys super sharp"
Gary, verified buyer
10-Inch Slicing Knife
Jun 22, 2016
"This knife is excellent for the carving station."
Steve-0, verified buyer