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Men's Edge KLOGS

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product details

Klogs have always been known for all-American quality and exceptional safety. Molded contour toe grips help busy chefs keep their balance, while non-slip soles prevent common kitchen accidents.

  • Open back
  • Washable, durable material
  • Non-slip sole
  • Cushioned, shock-absorbing sole
  • Molded toe grip for increased stability

Customer Reviews

4 / 5
Based on 5 reviews: 79% customers recommend this item.
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Sep 02, 2015
"The bottom started falling apart after 3 day."
Alan, verified buyer
Aug 11, 2015
"These are awesome and I am going to be back soon just to buy a second pair to have. That way I will have more than one to ware if I need to change them out. They are so comfortable."
Jared, verified buyer
Feel great
Jun 09, 2016
"Will definitely order from you guys again!! Very happy with everything."
Mathias , verified buyer
LONG lasting
Sep 13, 2016
"I have owned 2 pairs of these shoes !! First pair lasted over 7 years and second 3 years due to abusive type work !! Way better than those horrible CROCs, with fall apart tread!! I weigh 250 and run around the kitchen like crazy so I know!!"
Nov 17, 2016
"Best shoes ever to buy, just need to get extra size or two up cause the run tight.
I have used these shoes for over 18 years and every now and then try a different brand/style and hands down these outperform and outlast. I wear these typically 10-14 hours a day they don't usually wear out they usually start to get kinda whiffy and its time to let them go so I keep 2 now."
Chef frank, verified buyer

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