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Women’s Modern Fit #SMART Chef Pants

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These chef pants feature a modern, slimmer fit with a touch of stretch for added comfort and an integrated #SMART pocket to keep your device secure and protected.

  • Cotton/Lycra stretch fabric
  • Wrinkle and soil-resistant fabric
  • Elastic-knit back waistband, elastic drawstring front
  • 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets, 1 water-resistant loop and Velcro thigh pocket (phone)
  • Low-rise waist
  • Adjustable Velcro bottom hem
  • Feminine fit

Customer Reviews

4.2 / 5
Based on 36 reviews: 83% customers recommend this item.
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Jun 14, 2016
"I ordered one pair to see if my girl liked them. She put them on today and asked if I could order 4 more pairs.
The pocket on the side is nice and the fit looks good."
J-9, verified buyer
Nice pants except I need a tall size
Oct 04, 2016
"Loved the pants - I would reorder if they came in tall."
Sep 05, 2016
"Yoooooooo, I'm in LOVE with these pants!!! They're very comfortable, and easy to move around in. Bending, twisting, whatever comes at me in the kitchen, these pants deliver!!! The wide waist band never rolled down....EVER!! I will be ordering more!!!"
Chef zake fresh, verified buyer
Jul 31, 2016
"I love love love these pants! Super comfortable waist band, the material feels amazing and keeps me cooler then other chef pants. I have a difficult time finding pants that fit me well. They are either to slim fit like they are fit for a size zero build body type, or I have to buy mens pants and those aren't very flattering what so ever. These fit and feel amazing! I cant say enough good things!"
Mandy k
Great Pants But..
Feb 19, 2017
"These pants are overall great. The only things I have issues with are the pockets and the strechy waistline. Pockets are not deep enough I can barely carry more than one thing in a pocket. Where as male fitting pants the pockets are deep enough to fit a baby, where the female fit you can barely fit an iPhone 6 in. Then theres the waistline, the elastic likes to fold onto itself and roll, if you don't realize it, it can be a bit of a pain when you wash them. Other than the pockets not being deep enough and the waist band these pants are definitely great to work in."
Baker chef, verified buyer
chef pants
Oct 27, 2016
"I really like the pants. they fit great. My only concern is they are a little thinner than I would like them to be which summer in the kitchen is perfect, but I have to buy something thicker for the winter."
Mikki, verified buyer
Best work pants ever
Oct 12, 2016
"Best work pants ever! Love the adjustable Velcro hem and drawstring waist . Highly recommended !"
Susan, verified buyer
Quality and comfortable
Jun 09, 2016
"These pants are well made. The fabric is comfortable and there are plenty of descently sized pockets to keep all of your things including a large phone. The pants were proportioned okay except that the waist was tight compared to the length of the legs and they did not fit form-fitting. I am average height but am skinny. "
Kelli, verified buyer
They were perfect until I washed them
Dec 25, 2016
"I was so pleased to finally find a pair of chef pants that looked great and fit well. I washed and dried them and now they are short and snug. I will reorder in a bigger size and hope that they shrink to the right size."
Pl, verified buyer
Love the fit!
Dec 22, 2016
"Love the fit of the pants they're very comfortable but they shrink when dried..side pockets very useful ,just wish they weren't so expensive."
Porchsia, verified buyer
Nov 09, 2016
"Good fit- almost a little small in waist - very comfortable."
Michelle, verified buyer
Nov 07, 2016
"I love the feel of the pants and very comfortable for long hours of work. would recommend"
Happy customer , verified buyer
Best kitchen pants ever
Oct 12, 2016
"These are so comfortable that I just purchased 3 more. I have always wanted a light weight fabric with plenty of give These pants are great"
Debbie , verified buyer
Very comfortable
Aug 13, 2016
"These pants are very comfortable, no too low on the waist and are form fitting. Definately going to order a few more."
Deb, verified buyer
Like the pants but too short
Apr 25, 2017
"These women's cut chef pants fit pretty well except for the fact that they are much too short at the bottom...they definitely shrink in the dryer, even if you tumble dry them on low! It would be awesome if the fabric mix would allow you to throw them in the dryer without shrinking, but I understand this fabric works well for a women's cut so I get that we can't have everything. Still, the pants could be a bit longer. Please make a 'long' version for us tall people (I'm 5'10.) Otherwise, I give this company props for making a women's chef pant and having it fit fairly well compared to some other ones I have seen on the market. I like the side pocket on the pants too. "
Kristin, verified buyer
Great pants, but short
Apr 04, 2017
"I love these pants. They stay on my hips, and stretch well, but hold their shape. I wasn't sure about the phone pocket, but it's awesome. I've had them for about 6 months and they still look great. The only issue is that these pants are about 3in too short on me. I'm 5' 8. If they cam in tall I would definitely order them again. "
Good but waist too low
Feb 16, 2017
"These are a step in the right direction for Women's Kitchen wear. Comfortable and stylish without exaggerated room for your hips. My only issue is that the waist sits very low and while I found plenty of hip room, there wasn't a comfortable amount of room from crotch to the waist. If you have a more than average or even an average booty I wouldn't recommend. "
Mc, verified buyer
Best pants ever
Dec 27, 2016
"Loose without being baggy, love the taper on the ankle, comfortable all day!!"
Jan, verified buyer
Great fit, but very thin material
Dec 15, 2016
"I love the way these fit. The amount of pockets is perfect. My one criticism is the material they are made of should be heavier. Especially at 29$ a pair. Nevertheless i would still buy them again."
Sheila, verified buyer
Aug 17, 2017
"Love these pants. Able to move but still slim design. Very happy"
Shan, verified buyer
Aug 01, 2017
"they are too short"
Kate, verified buyer
Better Than Most, But Could Be Improved...Almost There
Jul 31, 2017
"The fit of these pants is the best I have found so far. for most they are way too long and the crotch is crazy so I have to roll up three time. Don't have to do that with these. The crotch fits where it should and the length is decent. Would be perfect length for someone 5'4-55-ish. A tad shorter than I'd like (by about an inch). The material is super soft and comfortable and does not chafe. The waist band feels like sweat pants. However, it does seem less tough than many chef pants and I worry they won't last (specifically where the thighs rub together). Love the lined pocket for my phone. My one major issue is the elastic inside the waist band kinda gets twisted and I can't seem to get it fixed. I may go up in size to an XL if I get again for a little less tightness in the waste (typically wear size 12 pants).
Overall, these are the best chef pants I have found yet for my body and comfort. I hope they don't get worn out to fast or the waist band gets too messed up. Almost there. If they come out with a new version I'd love to see a tougher fabric, maybe an inch longer and something that holds the waistband elastic in place, then it could be perfect."
Natalie, verified buyer
Worth wearing
Jul 17, 2017
"The good..I love these pants, I'm very picky about my pants. I hate when you wash pants and the fit of them change. These pants did not change. The fit is so comfortable.
The bad... The elastic in the waist gets twisted and I have to straighten it.
The ugly.... The cost, they are expensive. "
Tammy , verified buyer
Nice pants, need a tall size
May 09, 2017
"I like the look and fit of these pants. They fit comfortably and its a decent price. The only down side is they are too short for my long legs and it would be nice to have a cargo pocket on both sides. "
Emily, verified buyer
Great fit!
May 03, 2017
"These pants fit great; the waistband is comfortable and the length is just right for me (I'm 5'4 and wear crocs). I like that it falls just on my heel and doesn't touch the floor and that I can move and bend around in them with no plumber's butt possibilities. Great material for Florida weather too! Buying more for sure!"
Camille, verified buyer
Love these
Apr 27, 2017
"So comfortable, and plan to purchase more soon."
Karen, verified buyer
So great!!!
Mar 21, 2017
"Perfect fit! Look great!!! I've had many compliments on them! Just wish they were a little cheaper. Buying more uniforms from here!!!"
Batcrazy92, verified buyer
Best chef pants ever
Feb 10, 2017
"Between the amazing fit, the comfortable fabric, the convenient pockets and the waistband these pants are by far the best chef pants I've ever owned. And to seal the deal, the customer service is excellent as well. I'm a customer for life!"
Emilie, verified buyer
I love the pants
Jan 19, 2017
"I loved the pants"
Yvette , verified buyer
Dec 13, 2016
"The fit is perfect and i love the velcro hem and the waterproof pocket! Im ordering more!!"
Julie, verified buyer
Love em!
Oct 15, 2016
"They're very comfortable!! Wish they had more colors ;)"
Randee, verified buyer
I love the way they look&feel on me.
Aug 17, 2016
"I wish the pockets were more deeper."
Just what I needed!
Jun 30, 2017
"These pants are so great! They're relatively fitted and modern looking, but extremely comfortable and breathable (they fit almost like joggers), and they have functional front and rear pockets plus a cargo pocket! They're slightly long on me, as is usual for pants, and I don't really feel they need the ties on the waistband or the ankle velcro, but hot diggity I could wear these as pajamas. They're amazing."
Tasha, verified buyer
Oct 25, 2016
"Very comfortable
Randee, verified buyer
Oct 19, 2016
"These pants fit great on guys too! Just ask me. I'm a guy. And loooove these pants. "
Jun 10, 2016
"Love these pants, just wish there were multi designs!!"
Schuyler, verified buyer